Ohio Supreme Court

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear 4 cases today. 1) 2020-0608 State of Ohio v. CSX Transportation, Inc., 2) 2020-0700 State of Ohio v. (P.J.F.), 3) 2020-0705 Maternal Grandmother, as Administrator of the Estate of G.B., a deceased minor, and Maternal Grandmother, Individually v. Hamilton County Department of Job and Family Services, Hamilton County, Ohio, Denise Driehouse, Chris Montzel, Todd Portune, Shamara Stephens a.k.a. Shamara Hooks-Ware, Kassie Setty, and Lumadi Lavusa, and Father of G.B. and Mother of G.B., and 4) 2020-0819 State of Ohio v. Clarence Leyh.