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Nashid Porter is charged with first-degree murder in connection to the July 2012 death of 32-year-old Brian Grant. He is representing himself in this trial. The trial will hear testimony from Obediah Hester who was due to be a witness. He was killed before trial started. Porter is also charged with his death. The state also wants to tell jurors about Hester's death in Grant's trial. It was while Nashid Porter was on pre-trial release that Porter allegedly took Obediah Hester IV, 27, of Wilmington, who was due to be a prosecution witness in the Grant murder case, to an area between Wallace and Harrells and killed him execution-style. District Attorney Ben David said the testimony from WPD recording Hester's testimony has been submitted to the court prior to his death. David said Hester has testimony about what happened the night before Brian Grant's murder and the day of after the murder.