Mauricio Guerrero

Mauricio Damian Guerrero, from Bensalem, was charged with four counts of burglary. Guerrero was accused of breaking into a New Hampshire woman's home and hiding out in her attic after they met through her OnlyFans account. The woman said she met Guerrero through her OnlyFans account and gave him her address because he said he wanted to buy her a television and fireplace. Guerrero allegedly broke into the woman's Somersworth home early on Feb. 9, 2022. The woman and her mother called police after the woman woke up and saw someone standing in the hallway. Officers searching the home went into the attic and heard heavy footsteps on the roof. Guerrero was located on the roof, brought inside, and detained. The woman told police that she believes he had been in the attic for quite some time because she found food and headphones. Police also located a tracking device in the attic. Guerrero allegedly stole items from her home and also took videos of the woman sleeping naked without her consent and other incriminating videos that proved he had been stalking the victim, was inside the home, and hid out in the attic. On Burglary he was found guilty as charged on two counts for entering the home intending to commit burglary or privacy invasion. Guilty of reduced charge of criminal trespass on three counts. On Privacy invasion he was guilty of one count for filming her vagina while she slept. Not guilty of the other count for entering her room without her consent.