Lindsay Clancy

Lindsay Clancy is charged with the murder and strangulation of her children, Cora, 5, Dawson, 3, and Callan, 7 months. Clancy was hospitalized after the murders, Police said she strangled her children to death on January 24, 2023 using exercise bands before using a knife to cut her own wrists and neck and then jumped out of a second-story window. Cora and Dawson's deaths were ruled a result of asphyxiation, while Callan's death was caused by complications from asphyxiation. During their autopsies, Clara and Dawson were found to have bruising on their legs and arm, ligatures around their necks and petechiae in their faces as well as inside of their eyelids and upper and lower lips. Callan was found to have abrasions to his neck and petechiae 'all over' his face. Lindsay's husband Patrick told police that Lindsay had been suffering from anxiety and had been having suicidal thoughts for which she was self-admitted to a hospital for several days in early January.