Levi Acre-Kendall

Levi C. Acre-Kendall, 19, is charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the fatal stabbing of a Wisconsin fisherman Peter Kelly, 34, of St. Croix Falls at Interstate State Park. If convicted, Acre-Kendall faces up to 60 years in prison. Kelly's friend, Ross Lechman, told deputies he and Kelly were fishing at the Minnesota Interstate Park when they had an argument with several people who were fishing at the Wisconsin Interstate Park. A group of men across the river started yelling obscenities, and Kelly reportedly asked them to stop. Lechman said he and Kelly drove to the Wisconsin side to confront the men. They arrived at the lower boat landing area of the park and approached the men, who were walking to their vehicles. Lechman said Kelly and Acre-Kendall argued, and one of the other men stepped in and asked them to settle down. Lechman said he then saw Acre-Kendall pull out a 'shiny object,' which was later seen to be a knife. Lechman said he was watching the other two men when Kelly suddenly said, 'We got to go' and started running toward his vehicle, saying, 'He stabbed me.'