Leslie Merritt Jr.

Attorneys for the man who spent several months behind bars after he was arrested in connection to last year's freeway shootings in the valley want court documents to be unsealed. Leslie Merritt Jr. was released after the case against him was dismissed. Merritt was arrested last year and was charged in connection to four freeway shooting incidents in the valley. Now, his attorneys want the public to see the pleadings from the investigation, which they claims proves their client is innocent. In a motion filed after Merritt's release, the defense argues that the court had been concerned that if the documents were made public, some materials could taint a jury pool. The defense says releasing those materials will not cause harm since the case was dismissed and the public has the right to know. Merritt's lawyers say the pleading will show that the case against their client was weak from the beginning, but the prosecution argues that the investigation into the freeway shootings is still ongoing. The prosecution also says charges against Merritt could be re-filed in the future. Merritt's attorneys have filed a $10 million notice of claim against police, state and local leaders, which is a precursor to a lawsuit.