Laurie and Alexis Barry

Laurie Barry and her daughter Alexis Barry were caring for 13-year-old Selah Kaden when the girl died. A forensic pathologist determined Kaden died from suffocation and a patterned beating with blunt force, and believed more than one person was involved in her death. The Barry's told authorities Kaden would intentionally fall, bruise herself or fake fainting. They claimed Kaden had fallen backwards and hit her head very hard on the floor or a bookcase on the day she had died, but was responsive the last time they saw her. However, an autopsy showed 'acute and mixed blunt head trauma,' including contusions on her scalp and face, but not brain trauma. She also had pattern injuries to her upper chest and extensive limb trauma. First responders believed she had been dead for several hours before they were called. Kaden's parents, who live in North Carolina, had sent her to live in Mineral Point with the Barry's due to behavioral problems at home. The two families had been close when they lived in Madison.