Larry Millete

Larry Millete is accused of killing 39-year-old May 'Maya' Millete, the mother of his three children, in January, 2021 after she sought a divorce. On Jan. 9 Maya Millete's sister reported her missing, two days after the last known sighting of her. Her body has never been found. On Jan. 7, she had contacted a divorce attorney to schedule a meeting to begin the dissolution proceedings, and investigators believe that her husband killed her that evening, after it became clear that she fully intended to end their marriage. Larry Millete went as far as employing the services of 'spellcasters' through which he hoped magic could be used to convince his wife to stay in the relationship. Later, he allegedly sought for the spellcasters to render his wife incapacitated so she could not leave the home. His 'messaging campaign begging for help to prevent May from leaving the marriage' abruptly halted after Jan. 8.