Ken Paxton

The Texas Senate convenes as a high court to consider the impeachment of the Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton. The Republican-controlled Texas House of Representatives voted 121-23 to impeach Paxton on charges of abuse of office and bribery. Paxton, is only the third official in Texas history to be impeached. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is presiding over the high court as judge. Thirty-one Texas senators - the majority of them Republican - are serving as the jury, considering opening and closing statements, witness testimony, cross examination and 20 articles of impeachment. Paxton was indicted on securities fraud counts in 2015, and his own staff reported him to the FBI for suspected corruption in 2020 over his dealings with Nate Paul, a donor and real estate investor. After whistleblowers sued and Paxton struck a $3.3 million settlement, House members investigated the whistleblowers' claims in secret before impeaching Paxton on May 27, 2023 on 20 articles of impeachment. According to the articles, Paxton used his power and office to help Nate Paul through legal difficulties. They also accuse him of accepting bribes in the form of renovations to his home and a job for a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair. The articles say that when confronted with allegations of wrongdoing, Paxton retaliated against whistleblowers in his office and spent government money trying to cover up his wrongdoing.