Keith Freerksen

Keith Freerksen faces charges including first-degree criminal sexual conduct, contributing to childhood delinquency, and failing to obey the Sex Offender Registration Act. The charges relate to a 14-year-old Washington teenager who willingly left home overnight on January 5, 2024. The teen initially took a ride share service before Freerksen brought her back to his home in Michigan. The teen was eventually found with Freerksen, a convicted sex offender, in a home in South Haven, Michigan on January 31. The teen disclosed to investigators she had multiple sexual encounters with Freerksen. The two had spoken on social media for several months and Freerksen had provided her money and other gifts before he traveled in his vehicle to the state of Washington to pick her up and bring her back to a home he shared with relatives in South Haven. If convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, Freerksen could face a possible life sentence.