Kaitlin Armstrong

Yoga teacher and realtor Kaitlin Armstrong, 35, is accused of shooting pro cyclist Moriah Wilson dead in Austin in May 2022, allegedly out of jealousy over her romance with Armstrong's boyfriend Colin Strickland. On May 11, 2021, Wilson was found dead in a friend's apartment in Austin, where she had been staying, with two gunshot wounds, to the head and torso. Hours before Wilson's body was discovered, she had been out to dinner and gone swimming with Strickland, Armstrong's boyfriend at the time. After the shooting Armstrong fled to Costa Rica, where she was arrested after 43 days on the run despite disguising her identity with dyed hair and facial plastic surgery. While on remand Armstrong made an escape attempt, sprinting away from deputies during a medical appointment for a purported leg injury, before being quickly recaptured. Consequently, Armstrong faces a new charge of escape causing bodily injury, which will be tried separately at a later date.