Judge Christina Peterson

Judge Christina Peterson faces the Hearing Panel for the Judicial Qualifications Commission (JQC) to answer 40 allegations of alleged judicial misconduct. While running for probate judge in 2020, Peterson posted a satirical, sometimes sexually graphic rant on Twitter. Around the same time, Peterson celebrated her birthday by posting her Cash App address on Instagram and also promoted her appearance at a local bar in the days after she won her primary election. Those social media posts have caused her to be accused of violating the Code of Judicial Conduct even though they happened when she was still a candidate. Peterson originally faced 50 violations, but the JQC agreed to drop 10 because some did take place before Peterson declared her candidacy. Peterson had filed a motion asking that anything that happened before she was sworn in be dismissed. However, the JQC rejected all of Peterson's motions, writing the Georgia Supreme Court has 'unequivocally held' that the JQC's jurisdiction covers 'conduct undertaken while someone is a judge or judicial candidate'. The order left in place other allegations involving Peterson. She let seven people into the courthouse for a Saturday wedding even though the sheriff's office had warned earlier they didn't have staff to operate the security checkpoint. Peterson said a part-time deputy had the keys and let her inside. Peterson had a dispute with her homeowner's association where she called one attendee 'a witch' and offered the board a deal to dismiss a lawsuit she had filed. 'Call a special election and I'll drop the lawsuit,' Peterson was heard saying on video. Peterson also caused an outcry after ordering a woman jailed for contempt for two days. PJ Skelton had asked to amend her wedding license after learning years later the true identity of her father. Instead, Peterson found Skelton in contempt of court for lying on her wedding certificate application years earlier and ordered Skelton to jail for two days.