John Williams

John D. Williams, who is accused of killing a Somerset County sheriff's deputy that night. Cpl. Eugene Cole, 61, became the first Maine police officer fatally shot in the line of duty in three decades. Williams, 30, of Madison, was arrested after a four-day manhunt. An affidavit says that friends dropped off Williams at a home in town that day around 1 a.m. He was carrying multiple bags and a bulletproof vest, and one woman in the car described him to police as 'tweaked.' The group saw a Somerset County Sheriff's Department vehicle near the home. Soon after the friends left, Williams called one of them and said he had shot a sheriff's deputy in the head. Police allege Williams then stole Cole's pickup truck cruiser, drove to a nearby Cumberland Farms and stole cigarettes. He drove off but soon abandoned the truck. More than 200 law enforcement officers from multiple jurisdictions joined the search for him in the days that followed, and he was arrested shortly after noon on April 28. Williams confessed to shooting Cole while he was interrogated by police.