John Delee

John Delee, 22, of Salem, is charged with second-degree murder and reckless conduct. He is accused of recklessly causing the death of Timothy Pouliot, 24, of Manchester on Jan. 28, 2023, shooting him eight times. Delee and his friends, identified as Mr. Soldano and Mr. Chandler, were all at The Goat nightclub on Old Granite Street that night. So were Pouliot and his friends, Mr. Mendoza and Mr. Nash. Also at The Goat was a friend of Delee's, Ms. Elliott-Orr and two of her friends. According to Elliott-Orr, Pouliot and one of his friends were 'a little too close' to her and her friends. Elliott--Orr said Delee and Pouliot had some 'heated words,' then shook hands and Pouliot walked away. Later, Elliott-Orr overheard Pouliot say he could punch 'that big kid over there,' meaning Delee, in the face and knock him out with one punch, and that he was a professional fighter. She also heard Mendoza say he was going to knock him (Delee) out before the end of the night. Elliott-Orr told Delee what she heard. Later outside a video recorded Delee, Pouliot and at least three of Delee's and Pouliot's friends standing in a rough circle. What was being said cannot be heard, but Pouliot is plainly seen punching Delee in the face. Delee immediately raised his gun and fired multiple shots into Pouliot.