Jewell Jones

State Rep. Jewell Jones was arrested in April after allegedly driving into a ditch while drunk on Interstate 96 near Fowlerville and not complying with Michigan State Police. He told troopers he had control over their budget and threatened to call Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as they attempted to arrest him, according to police records. Following that arrest, Jones is accused of repeatedly violating the terms of his bond. Police and prosecutors say he tested positive for alcohol in early September and tried to put a sock underneath the band of his ankle monitor in an effort to tamper with it. Jones previously pleaded guilty to two other bond violations. It was ordered that Jones be sent to jail because of the repeated violations. That same day, officers reportedly found a universal handcuff key taped to the bottom of Jones' foot. He was charged with two additional felonies - a four-year felony and a five-year felony alleging he brought a weapon, in this case a key, into jail in an effort to escape custody. Jones is also being investigated following a complaint of domestic abuse.