Jeffery Morris

Jeffery Bernard Morris faces charges of felony murder and first-degree premeditated murder for the death of Susie 'Q' Zhao in July 2020. Zhao was a respected and much-loved poker pro. She had returned to her parents’ home in Michigan during the early Covid pandemic lockdown. For reasons unknown on July 12th 2020, Suzie ended up at a motel with Morris, a sexual fantasist who had previous convictions for rape and sexual assault. The charred remains of her body were found in a parking lot at the Pontiac Lake State Recreation Park on July 13th 2020. Morris, who was then 60 years-old was quickly linked to the death of Zhao by phone records and surveillance video, which put him both at the motel room where Susie was staying and also at the location where her body was discovered. Zhao had been kidnapped, tortured, sexually assaulted, and set on fire while still alive. Evidence showed Morris on CCTV stealing plastic cable ties that matched those found on Zhao's body. Matching cable ties and a bloodstained baseball bat were also discovered in his car when he was arrested. DNA that matched Morris were found and data found on his mobile phone were consistent with the sexual injuries inflicted on Zhao.