James Prokopovitz

James Prokopovitz is accused of first-degree intentional homicide of his wife Victoria Prokopovitz who on April 25, 2013. James Prokopovitz reported his wife missing after he returned to their Pittsfield home from work that day. Her body has never been found and she is believed to be dead. A search of the couple's home two years after her disappearance revealed evidence of blood in several locations, including on a pillow and in a bedroom, hallway and kitchen. Authorities also seized sexually explicit photos, a picture of a man pointing a handgun at the camera, and other physical evidence. In a secret John Doe hearing, Prokopovitz said he killed his wife but later recanted the statement, according to prosecutors. He said he knew of a sludge pond near their home and said he had access to the pond. It contained industrial waste and is hard to search. He told investigators that if a body were dumped there, it would never be found. Kathryn Friday, 68, was dating James Prokopovitz at the time of Victoria's disappearance. She faced charges of obstructing police, perjury, and conspiring to commit perjury but committed suicide before being sentenced.