James Brennand

Former San Antonio Police Department officer James Brennand is charged with aggravated assault by a public servant and attempted murder in the shooting of Erik Cantu. On Oct. 2, 2022 Cantu, then 17, and a female passenger were in a car in the parking lot of a McDonald’s in San Antonio. Brennand recognized Cantu's car as the vehicle that fled from him during an attempted traffic stop the day before. Cantu was in the driver seat eating a hamburger. Brennand opened the driver-side door, demanding that Cantu exit. The teen drove in reverse for several feet, hitting Brennand’s leg with the door. When Cantu sped away, Brennand fired at the vehicle at least 10 times. Cantu was hospitalized for about a month in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds. Brennand was fired less than a week later and was later charged with two counts of aggravated assault by a peace officer. He was later indicted for aggravated assault and attempted murder.