Jamarion Lawhorn

Jamarion Lawhorn, who was 12 at the time of the alleged crime, is the youngest person ever accused of murder in Kent County, Michigan. A judge ruled Lawhorn is competent to stand trial for the stabbing death of 9-year-old Connor Verkerke. Police said Lawhorn was playing with Verkerke and two other boys on Aug. 4 2014, at a playground near Pinebrook Village Mobile Home Park in Kentwood, when he allegedly stabbed the 9-year-old multiple times, killing him. One boy ran back to his home, while Connor's 7-year-old brother attempted to carry his dying brother to their parents for help. They tried to provide aid, but the 9-year-old died shortly after the attack. Court documents later revealed Lawhorn admitted to the murder, telling police he wanted to die himself.