Hulk Hogan

Gawker are seeking a new trial in Hogan's invasion of privacy case against the company. Hogan, whose real name Terry Bollea, was awarded $140.1 million by a jury in March over Gawker's publication of his roughly decade-old sex tape. Less than a month after that verdict, Gawker filed a motion asking for a new trial, or for a reduction (if not total reversal) of the monetary damages. Gawker has decried the way the trial was adjudicated, arguing that 'key evidence was wrongly withheld' and that the jury 'was not properly instructed on the constitutional standards for newsworthiness.' Documents now unsealed suggest in Gawker's opinion that Hogan's lawsuit was driven by his desire to suppress a racist rant recorded in another sex tape. If the presiding judge, Pamela Campbell is not sympathetic to Gawker's arguments, Gawker is confident that it will emerge victorious when the case reaches Florida's Second District Court of Appeals.