Grant Amato

Grant Amato, 29, was found guilty of killing his parents and half-brother over money spent on an online Bulgarian webcam girl. Prosecutors say the woman, named Silviya Ventsislavova, is the motive behind the murders of Chad Amato, 59, Margaret Amato, 61, and Cody Amato, 31, in their Chuluota home in January. They believe Grant Amato became obsessed with her, paying more than $200,000 to connect with her online and sending her sex toys and lingerie. In return, Ventsislavova would send Amato pictures and videos of herself wearing and using the things he had sent her. Then after demands by Chad and Margaret that Grant Amato get a job to pay back $200,000 he stole to give to the Bulgarian webcam girl and being forced to cut off that connection, he allegedly shot his mother, father and half-brother in order to get their money to continue the relationship. The bodies were found in the garage, kitchen, and an office in the home. Police said they were killed in 'execution-style' shootings. Grant Amato could now face the death penalty.