Gareth Pursehouse

Gareth Pursehouse was guilty in the murder of Hollywood marriage and sex therapist Amie Harwick. The prosecution argued that Pursehouse was 'obsessed' with Harwick and broke into her home with the intention of speaking to her, but eventually killed her. Pursehouse was charged with murder, first-degree residential burglary, and murder while lying in wait. Afterward, Pursehouse threw Harwick off the third-floor balcony and fled the sceneSurveillance footage from a neighbor's home showed Pursehouse wearing gloves, and DNA evidence linked him to the attack. An autopsy confirmed Harwick's cause of death as blunt force injuries and manual strangulation. Pursehouse and Harwick had previously dated for 18 months, but their relationship ended with Harwick obtaining a restraining order against him. Pursehouse could face a life prison sentence without parole.