Franklin Tucker

Franklin Tyrone Tucker and Rory 'Detroit' Wilson went into a Treehouse property on Stock Island in November 2017 wearing skull masks. There they came across a man and woman drinking and held them at knifepoint. The situation escalated and Wilson slashed the woman in the neck and hand while Tucker held the man at knifepoint. Then the robbers encountered Matthew Bonnett, who was stabbed five times and his nose broken during a fatal confrontation. Jurors convicted Wilson in December 2022 of first-degree murder and robbery with a deadly weapon while masked. He is serving a sentence of life without parole. A third defendant, Travis Johnson, was arrested as the getaway driver. He pleaded guilty in 2023 to robbery with a weapon while masked, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon while masked. Johnson testified against Wilson and has agreed to do the same against Tucker. The suspects took $250 in the fatal robbery.