Donna Adelson

Donna Adelson was arrested at Miami International Airport after she and her husband Dr. Harvey Adelson, a dentist, bought one-way tickets and were planning to board a flight to Dubai on their way to Saigon, Vietnam. Adelson faces a first-degree murder charge and charges of conspiracy and solicitation in the shooting death of renowned Florida State University law professor Dan Markel. Her case is the fifth in the alleged murder-for-hire plot of Dan Markel. Markel was shot in the head twice on July 18, 2014, in his parked car, in Tallahassee. He was just outside of his home after dropping off his two sons at a daycare. He died about 14 hours later in hospital. Prosecutors allege Markel’s killing was the result of a murder-for-hire plot involving several people, including Donna Adelson, her son Charles Adelson and Katherine Magbanua - who was the girlfriend of Charles at the time - and was carried out by two hitmen, Luis Rivera and Sigfredo Garcia.