Dawan Ferguson

Dawan Ferguson was charged in 2019 with first-degree murder and abuse of a child resulting in death. His son had a rare metabolic disorder that prevented his body from processing protein. When he disappeared in 2003, he could not walk or talk and would have died within 48 hours without proper medication. Police say Dawan Ferguson didn't give his son proper medication and nutrition for more than two years before he went missing. He left home with Christian on June 11, 2003, and called police from a pay phone near the border of St. Louis and Wellston, when his SUV was stolen. He told police Christian was sleeping in the backseat. He had custody of his son at the time. The SUV turned up two hours later, on Ronbar Lane in Ferguson - but there was no sign of Christian. St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell charged Dawan Ferguson with his son's murder 16 years later, even though the child's body has never been found.