Darryl Daniels

Former Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels faces a list of charges linked to an investigation into an affair between him and a former corrections officer. Daniels was arrested in August 2020 after an investigation into an affair between Daniels and a woman named Cierra Smith. She was a corrections officer at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office when Daniels was the JSO director of the jail. Daniels is accused of ordering one of his deputies to illegally arrest Smith for stalking him in 2019 after he told his wife the affair was over. Daniels is charged with tampering with evidence, attempted destruction of evidence and five counts of lying to law enforcement. The tampering with evidence charges relate to deleting Google account and cellphone data while knowing he was under investigation, according to court documents. The alleged offenses took place between May 6, 2019, and June 4, 2019.