Daniel Holtzclaw

Daniel Holtzclaw, 28, is a former Oklahoma City police officer who stood accused of raping 12 Black women and one underage Black girl while on duty. Holtzclaw was charged with 36 counts of rape, sexual battery, forcible oral sodomy, burglary, stalking, indecent exposure and procuring lewd exhibition. He was accused of exploiting his position as a police officer to assault women during traffic stops and other on-duty encounters. Holtzclaw was fired in January 2015 after about three years on the job. Having been found guilty, the jury recommended he be sentenced to 263 years in prison for his crimes. A defense attorney for Holtzclaw has filed a motion for a new trial claiming 'Holtzclaw was denied a fair trial because the government made deliberate discovery violations and misrepresentations, undermining confidence in the verdict.' The defense claims the evidence of the disclosure failure stems from a Facebook post by an Oklahoma City police detective after the jury verdict in this case.