Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia is accused of physically beating to death 5-year-old Domenic Aguilar-Acevedo on July 24, 2021. Garcia at the time was dating the boy’s mother, Nickolle Aguilar, who was also charged in this case. Garcia was first charged with murder but prosecutors are taking him to trial on the charge of injury to a child causing serious bodily injury. That charge is still a first-degree felony and the punishment range is the same, but the jury could consider the possibility of probation. For murder, probation is not an option. Aguilar and Aguilar were staying in an extended stay hotel when Garcia struck the boy with so much force that he bounced off the wall and hit the floor. The couple left the hotel days before their scheduled departure and surveillance footage showed Garcia carrying what appeared to be a lifeless body out of the hotel room. Aguilar said she didn’t report the abuse because she was “too eager” to be in a relationship with Garcia. Aguilar said she and Garcia then drove to Colorado the next morning with the body and camped near the Rocky Mountain State Park. The couple then buried Domenic’s body in a remote location near the campsite and fled by car to Mexico and eventually on to Costa Rica. Aguilar-Acevedo, was found dead on Aug. 25 in Fraser County, Colorado. Garcia and Aguilar were later arrested in Florida. Aguilar has taken a plea deal in exchange for testimony against Garcia. The maximum punishment she can get is 15 years.