Chad Doerman

Chad Doerman is accused of killing his three sons. He faces a 21-count indictment including multiple murder, kidnapping and felonious assault charges. Prosecutors said Doerman, 32, confessed to shooting and killing his sons, Clayton Doerman, 7, Hunter Doerman, 4, and Chase Doerman, 3, at their Monroe Township home on June 15. Court documents state he planned the killings for months. Doerman killed his 4-year-old son Hunter first, shooting him twice in the head inside their Laurel Lindale Road home. The prosecutor said 7-year-old Clayton fled and was 'gunned down from behind' as he ran through a field near the home. Doerman then went up to the fallen boy and shot him in the head. Then Doerman ripped 3-year-old Chase from his mother's arms and 'put a bullet in his head,' The 34-year-old boy's mother, whom authorities have not named, was shot in the hand.