Brett Hankison

Brett Hankison is facing charges related to the death of Breonna Taylor. Hankison faces three counts of wanton endangerment, but those charges are not for Taylor's death. They are for shots fired into a neighboring apartment with three people inside. Hankison was one of three LMPD officers serving a no-knock search warrant on Taylor's apartment on March 20, 2022. When they entered, Taylor's boyfriend Kenneth Walker - who says he did not know the men entering his home were police officers - fired a single shot. The officers fired back and Breonna Taylor, who was behind Walker, was hit six times. According to the investigation that followed, the bullet that killed her was fired by Myles Cosgrove, another officer who was present that night. Hankison is charged for shooting into the apartment of one of Taylor's neighbors on the night of the raid. He was fired a few months later. Hankison, whose shots did not hit Taylor, is the only officer charged in the case. None have been charged in connection to Taylor's death.