Angelo Colon-Ortiz

Angelo Colon-Ortiz, 31, was arrested in the murder of Google executive Vanessa Marcotte on August 7, 2016. Marcotte, 27, was found slain near her parent’s home on August 8, 2016. She had been out for a jog while home from New York and visiting her parents in Princeton. Her body was later found naked and burned off Brooks Station Road just a half mile from her mother’s home. Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early, Jr. said Colon-Ortiz had connections to the Princeton area, but did not elaborate. A State Trooper in Worcester saw that Colon-Ortiz fit the descriptions, and sought a DNA swab from him, which he gave voluntarily. He was arrested when that DNA swab was found to match DNA evidence found on Marcotte’s hands from when she tried to fight off her attacker. Colon-Ortiz is facing charges of aggravated assault, aggravated assault and battery, and assault with intent to rape. Early said he expects Colon-Ortiz will also face murder charges.