Angela Hock

Angela Hock advertised her midwife services through her company Nebraska Birth Keeper. She was unlicensed. She was arrested and charged with homicide child abuse after the baby girl she was attempting to deliver died following complications stemming from a breech birth. On June 15, Hock was assisting Emily Noe, 25, in a home birth when the baby was found to be in a breech position. When medics arrived, they found the mother in a bathroom with the baby 'partially delivered, still in the breech position.' Medics said Hock was still trying to deliver the baby when they arrived, the report states. The baby was eventually delivered by a paramedic in an ambulance en route to the hospital. The baby, named Vera, had been deprived of oxygen for more than 10 minutes, causing severe, life-threatening swelling in her brain. Vera died at the hospital June 17 after she was removed from life support, police said. Doctors said her death could have been prevented with proper medical care.