Adrian Loya

Adrian Loya, a former Coast Guardsman, is charged with killing a fellow petty officer and injuring her wife and a police officer. Prosecutors say Loya forced his way into a Bourne condominium in February 2015 and killed Coast Guard Petty Officer Lisa Trubnikova, injured her wife, Petty Officer Anna Trubnikova, then shot responding Officer Jared MacDonald. Bourne police said that Mr. Loya used a handgun on the two women and filmed the assault with a chest-mounted camera. Police said that after shooting the two women, Mr. Loya went outside where he had set his 2010 Mazda sedan on fire. He had positioned the car across Roundhouse Road to prevent police vehicles from driving up to the shooting scene. Prosecutors say he picked up a rifle and began firing at police who were closing in on foot. During that exchange, Patrolman MacDonald was shot just below his bulletproof vest.