International Criminal Court 1

The International Criminal Court 1 in The Hague, Netherlands will today continue hearing the case of The Prosecutor v. Bosco Ntaganda. Bosco Ntaganda is accused of 13 counts of war crimes and 5 crimes against humanity committed in Ituri (DRC). The trial opened on 2 September 2015 in The Hague. The charges include murder and attempted murder; attacking civilians; rape; sexual slavery of civilians; pillaging; displacement of civilians; attacking protected objects; destroying the enemy's property; and rape, sexual slavery, enlistment and conscription of child soldiers under the age of fifteen years and using them to participate actively in hostilities) and 5 counts of crimes against humanity (murder and attempted murder; rape; sexual slavery; persecution; forcible transfer of population) against Bosco Ntaganda. The Chamber found that there was a widespread and systematic attack against the civilian population pursuant to an organisational policy adopted by the Union des Patriotes Congolais/Forces Patriotiques pour la Liberation du Congo (UPC/FPLC) to attack civilians perceived to be non-Hema, such as those belonging to Lendu, Bira and Nande ethnic groups.