Christian 'Kit' Martin Trial Live Stream

Christian 'Kit' Martin Trial

Thu 17th June (9:00am)

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Former Fort Campbell Army major Christian 'Kit' Martin is charged with three counts of complicity to murder, arson, attempted arson, second-degree burglary, and three counts of complicity of tampering with physical evidence. He is accused of shooting and killing three of his neighbors in the town of Pembroke, Kentucky in November 2015. Police said Calvin Phillips was found shot to death inside his home and the bodies of his wife Pam and their neighbor were found with gunshot wounds in a burned-out car in a cornfield a few miles from the victim's homes. Cal Phillips, was gunned down just weeks before he was set to testify in a court martial of Martin at which Martin was acquitted of all sexual misconduct charges after his estranged wife Joan Harmon Guerra accused him of sexually abusing her children. But he was convicted of of two simple assaults and two counts of mishandling classified documents. Martin, a pilot for an American Airlines subsidiary was arrested on May 11, 2019. Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear said that after an exhaustive investigation, the evidence points to Martin as the sole killer in the brutal homicides.

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