Tyler Hadley

Tyler Hadley will face a new judge looking like a seasoned state prisoner - not the young man who in 2014 was ordered to spend the rest of his life behind bars for brutally killing his parents at age 17. On that unforgettable day, Hadley, now 24, was a depressed and anxious teen who had obsessed for weeks about killing his parents, mother Mary Jo, 47, and father Blake Hadley, 54. On July 16, 2011, he did it. He purposely selected a 17-inch framing hammer and silently stood behind his mother before delivering 36 blows, mostly to her head and back. He attacked his father head on, striking him at least 39 times in the head and chest, according to autopsy reports. Hadley had spent two years in state prison when he won an appeal that overturned his life terms and sent his case back for this new sentencing hearing.