Seychelles TRNUC Commission

TRNUC is the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity Commission in the Seychelles. TRNUC is to investigate complaints of alleged human rights violations committed in relation to the 1977 Coup. The purpose is to establish the truth about alleged violations ; to try and bridge divisions caused by such violations and to recommend compensation and reparations to victims and determine whether or not to grant amnesty to perpetrators. The ultimate aim is to bring closure to victims and perpetrators and to unite the people of the Seychelles around a common agenda going forward. Basically its about reconciling people through acknowledging and accepting responsibility for the past. The Commission is granted the same powers as the Supreme Court of the Seychelles. For example, the Commission has the power to summons any person it wishes to hear and to compel their testimony, it has the power to enter any property and seize evidence from that property and, regardless of any other law of the Seychelles, it has the power to access any public or private archive and to make copies of relevant documents. Failure to cooperate with the Commission, other than in assertion of the right against self-incrimination, may render a person liable to the sanctions set out in Section 13 of the Act, which include a term of imprisonment of ten years.