Ross Harris

Ross Harris was found guilty of two counts of malice murder and felony murder, cruelty to children charges, and two counts of furnishing sexually explicit material. There is also a felony count of criminal attempt on his current 8-count-indictment. Earlier in the case the State took the death penalty off the table, however this only means that now Ross is facing life in prison if found guilty of felony murder. All of these charges stem from a hot June day in Georgia when outside temperatures soared to over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Inside a 2011 Tucson parked outside a lowly building employing techies for Home Depot in Marietta, Georgia, however, temperatures were estimated to have reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit over a seven hour work day. During the course of that work day worker bees would be seen on surveillance footage buzzing in and out of the building, and one was even seen buzzing in and out of that car around lunch time. Weeks later it would be discovered via phone records that, at some point in that day, inside that building sat a man with a cell phone and his exposed genitalia. All the while, outside that building, and inside that Tucson, baked that man's 22-month-old son Cooper Harris.