Racist said Hitler was born 100 years too soon and Muslims should be gassed

(Picture: Wales News Service)

By  Richard Hartley-Parkinson

A man who called for Muslims to be burnt on bonfires and said he would kill Jeremy Corbyn if the Labour leader ever became prime minister has been jailed. Between March and August last year, Jonathan Jennings, 34, posted a number of messages on social networking website GAB, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said. The messages called for Muslims to be forcibly sterilised and said those who tried to convert others to Islam should be sentenced to death.

Jennings repeatedly called for the murder of Muslims and supported ‘bomb a mosque day’ which had been suggested by another extremist who was later jailed. In another message, he stated Hitler was born 100 years too soon and all Muslims should be gassed.

In March last year, Jennings from Carmarthenshire, South Wales, called Pro-EU campaigner Gina Miller a traitor and called for her execution. A few months later he posted that if Jeremy Corbyn became prime minister he would be first in line to ‘Jo Cox him’, referring to the June 2016 murder of the MP. He went on to threaten the Jewish community, saying if they did not behave themselves they would share the same fate as Muslims.

Jennings had pleaded guilty to six counts of publishing or distributing written material intended to stir up religious hatred, and four counts of sending communication with intent to cause distress or anxiety. He was jailed for 16 months at Swansea Crown Court on Thursday, the CPS said.

Deb Walsh from the CPS said: ‘Jonathan Jennings’ hatred of Muslims led him to post online messages stirring up animosity towards a whole community. ‘He did not limit himself to expressing his views but called on others to indiscriminately kill Muslims and bomb mosques. ‘Jennings also targeted the Jewish community and called for public figures whose views he did not like to be executed.’


Source  metro.co.uk

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