UK Supreme Court to Decide if Parliament Approval Required to Begin Brexit Process

UK Supreme Court
Two cases about the prorogation are now being appealed in the court.

The UK Supreme Court will sit in full Dec. 5th to hear the governments appeal over a three judge unanimous ruling that parliamentary approval is necessary prior to initiating the Brexit process.  It is unprecedented for all eleven justices to sit for a single case.  The court has not sat in full since its 2009 creation.

PM Theresa May’s government is appealing a historic decision by UK senior judges that invoking Article 50 without gaining parliament’s consent, would be unlawful.  Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty sets out how a country might voluntarily leave the European Union.

Having the court uphold the government’s appeal is no small task for their lawyers.  The previous unanimous ruling implies the enormity of the job ahead.


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