Kathleen Kane: Former PA Attorney General to be Sentenced Today

Former Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane will learn today whether she ends up back at her home or a prison cell.

Kane, elected attorney general in 2012, was convicted on Aug. 15 of two counts each of perjury, false swearing, obstructing the administration law and conspiracy and one count of official oppression.  Prosecutors said she leaked information about a 2009 grand jury probe of to a newspaper to embarrass the case prosecutor, who she considered a political enemy.

Kane, 50, wants the judge to consider her years of public service and needs of her two children and sentence her to probation or house arrest.  The District Attorney contends a prison sentence is warranted given the serious nature of Kane’s crimes and her failure to display remorse.

Kane faces as little as probation to up to several years in prison.  The judge may impose a sentence outside of the state sentencing guidelines up to the maximum of 12 to 24 years in prison.

Kane continues to maintain her innocence and vowed to appeal.  Her attorneys may ask the judge to allow Kane to remain free pending the appeal outcome.

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