Colin Kaepernick Inks New Contract

October 12, 2016

Call him embattled or call him inspirational, Colin Kaepernick has signed a new contract with the San Francisco Forty Niners NFL franchise and will be the starting quarterback for the 1 and 4 49ers on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills (1pm EDT).

Named yesterday as the new starting quarterback replacing under-performing Blaine-Gabbert (1/4), Kaepernick renegotiated his contract with the 49ers.  The new contract is a 2-year deal that replaces the six-year, $114 million contract he signed in 2014.  It allows Kaepernick the option of becoming a free-agent next season.  It also voids the injury payment clause, an important financial consideration for the 49er’s franchise, considering Kaepernick had three surgeries during the off-season last year, on his thumb, shoulder and knee.



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