Massachusetts Supreme Court

The Massachusetts Supreme Court will today hear 5 cases. 1) SJC-13077 In re Sushchyk - Summary: Judicial Conduct: The Supreme Judicial Court is considering a report and recommendation from the Commission on Judicial Conduct regarding discipline of an Associate Justice of the Probate and Family Court., 2) SJC-13087 Commonwealth v. Vigiani - Summary: Juvenile Law; Evidence: This case deals with the admissibility of a parent's testimony against a child who had been indicted in Juvenile Court for firearms violations as a Youthful Offender., 3) SJC-13098 Commonwealth v. Mushwaalakbar - Summary: Pretrial Detention; COVID-19: This case concerns the continued pretrial detention of the defendant during the COVID-19 pandemic without trial in connection with domestic assault charges., 4) SJC-11517 Commonwealth v. Carter - Summary: Criminal: Various issues arising out of murder conviction., 5) SJC-11518 Commonwealth v. Pinckney - Summary: Criminal: Various issues arising out of murder conviction.