Kim Blandino

The Honorable Michelle Leavitt, Eighth Judicial District Court, presiding over a revocation hearing. Appearing for the State is Deputy District Attorney Michael Dickerson. Appearing for Kim Blandino is Defense Attorney Joseph Gersten. Kim Blandino was guilty with extortion, a felony, and impersonation of an officer, a gross misdemeanor, committed within Clark County in the State of Nevada between April 8 2019 and May 21 2019. Count 1 - Extortion: Did then and there willfully and unlawfully and feloniously and with the intent to extort or gain any money or other property and/or to influence action of any public officer whether or not the purpose is accomplished, threatened directly or indirectly to accuse any person of a crime and/or to expose or impute to any person any deformity or disgrace to it by making a demand to Michael Federico a Las Vegas Municipal court judge pro tem for $25 or enrollment in the ethics, fairness and security in your courtroom and community class or the alternative pay $500 to the Clark County law library and/or provide dependents an apology including in writing and/or in public and if Michael Federico did not complete this class, pay this money and/or provide said apology, defendant would file complaint and/or allegations against Michael Federico with the commission on judicial discipline and/or would file a criminal complaint with the FBI accusing Michael Federico with a misdemeanor crime under 1-8 usc 242 and/or would send documentation of Michael Federico's alleged misconduct to the law firm of Olsen Cannon formerly Angelo and Stobersky where Michael Federico was employed. Count 2 - Impersonation of an officer: Did bothly unlawfully and falsely impersonate a public officer, civil or military or a police officer or a private individual having special authority by law to perform an act affecting the rights or interests of another to which an investigator for ths State of Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline and if such assumed character did an act purporting to be official whereby another is injured or defrauded by identifying himself verbally and/or in writing to one or more persons, including Michael Federico, and/ or P Marwitz as an unpaid and/or volunteer investigator for the State of Nevada Commission on Judicial Discipline.