Kellen Winslow

In June 2019, a jury found the former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow guilty of the May 2018 rape of an Encinitas homeless woman he had befriended, but the jury deadlocked on several other charges. Those are the focus of his retrial. The jury in June also found Winslow guilty of two misdemeanors: indecent exposure for flashing a 57-year-old-neighbor in May 2018 and lewd act targeting a 77-year-old woman at a Carlsbad gym in February. The gym incident happened while Winslow was free on bail and awaiting trial in the rape case. The jury deadlocked - in favor of conviction - on eight other charges, including the alleged rapes of the hitchhiker in March 2018 and of a teen girl at a San Diego house party in 2003, when Winslow was 19. Winslow was already was facing nine years behind bars because of that conviction and two others at that first trial in June. Rather than gamble on the jury findinding him guilty in the retrial with the prospect of a life sentence, Winslow opted to take an offer to plead guilty in a plea deal that would send him to prison for 12 to 18 years. In accepting the plea deal the judge read a written admission statement aloud in court and asked Winslow to confirm it. 'I unlawfully had sexual intercourse with Jane Doe No. 4 when we were both teens. She was 17. I was 19, and she was not my spouse. She was at the time unconscious, and I do not dispute her memory for purposes of this plea.' The judge asked, 'Did you in fact do that? Those facts that make you guilty of this crime?' Winslow admitted the statement was true. Winslow also pleaded guilty to felony sexual battery against the hitchhiker he picked up in his vehicle in March 2018, a woman known as Jane Doe No. 1. He admitted to touching an intimate part of her 'while she was restrained, in fear against her will, for the purpose of sexual arousal.' In exchange for those two guilty pleas, the retrial was canceled, and his other pending felony rape and sodomy charges were dismissed. Those pending charges could have put him away for life, if the jury had found him guilty.