Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court will today hear 2 cases. 1) SC21-295 Edward Allen Covington v. State of Florida and SC21-1077 Edward Allen Covington v. Ricky D. Dixon, Etc. - Summary: Covington pleaded guilty to the first-degree murders in Lutz of Lisa Freiberg and her two children, 7-year-old Zachary and 2-year-old Heather Savannah. The three were beaten and fatally stabbed in 2008. The trial court sentenced him to death, and this Court affirmed the convictions and death sentences on direct appeal. Covington filed a postconviction challenge in the trial court, raising several issues. His claims were denied, and this appeal followed. Covington has also filed a habeas corpus petition., and 2) SC21-369 Suarez Trucking FL Corp., et al. v. Adam J. Souders, et al. - Summary: In a lawsuit against Suarez Trucking, Souders proposed a $500,000 settlement agreement. However, the trial court held that the parties did not reach a settlement agreement and the case went to trial, with Souders ultimately being awarded $1,960,000. Suarez Trucking appealed, arguing that the parties had formed a settlement agreement. The Second District Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court's denial, ruling that no enforceable settlement agreement existed. Suarez Trucking asks this Court for review, arguing that the Second DCA decision conflicts with other appellate court decisions.