Fellowship Chat Guidelines

Welcome to World Justice News Fellowship Chat Guidelines.

Please remain respectful of everyone here at all times. Essentially treat the fellowship page as if you were in a place of worship.

The Fellowship room is is a multi-faith room, so please always be considerate of all religious faiths when posting.

No racist comments or racist jokes or jokes of any sort and no posting of nude images at any time.

Absolutely no posts should be made at any time that contain inappropriate language, offensive swearing or sexual remarks or any other content that people may find offensive.

Please remember that posts made in chat are heartfelt. Inappropriate responses in Fellowship chat will lead to an immediate site ban.

Please feel free to use pm/messaging at any time for personal chats. Suggestive posts aimed at 1 user using the @ username facility to draw their attention would be best made via the private message facility.

If something does offend you then please private message WHUpDoo or scgirlluvscrt or mariezepeezypipuk or kris88240 and explain.

Thank you for your cooperation.