Chad Daybell

Chad Daybell, 51, was arrested for destruction or concealment of evidence. A search warrant was served at Chad Daybell's property. Law enforcement discovered human remains on the property. Chad and his new wife, Lori Vallow Daybell, 46, are being investigated by the Idaho Attorney General's Office for conspiracy, attempted murder and murder in connection to the death of Chad's former spouse Tammy Daybell. Lori Daybell's two children, Joshua 'JJ' Vallow and Tylee Ryan, have been missing since September, and Lori is in the Madison County Jail on two counts of desertion and nonsupport of a dependent child. Further charges have since been added. In new charges filed prosecutors say Chad Daybell conspired with wife Lori Vallow Daybell to keep hiding the bodies of 7-year-old Joshua 'JJ' Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan because they knew the remains would likely be used as evidence in a court case. The children vanished in September and a search for them spanned months before their bodies were found last month in Chad Daybell's backyard. It's not clear how the kids died or who caused their deaths.